Terms and conditions

Whale Huys looks forward to welcoming you as a guest and if there’s anything we can do to make your stay more

enjoyable, please let us know. These terms and conditions are to insure all our guests visits are of a high quality

Please be aware once you have made a booking with us, regardless of the booking agent, you will be bound by the

following terms and conditions listed below. Please also note if you have any special requirements please inform us at

the time of booking.

Property/Villa is Whale Huys

Guests are you and your party

Rather than a long list of do’s and don’ts, we ask you to be respectful and use a bit of common sense. In furnishing

the Villa we strive to maintain a high standard of maintenance and quality. If anything is broken or damaged, please

do let us know and we will try to fix it as soon as possible. We would also ask you to use the villa gently – this includes

simple stuff like using coasters for glasses on the wooden table and not using glass or breakable items near the pool

area. We would also ask you to be respectful of our neighbors including not making too much noise, particularly at

night. In addition to the common sense stuff, the following are issues that often come up, so we felt it was useful to

list them up here as well.

1. The number of people who can enter the property must comply with the number of guests booked to stay in the

Villa. Under special circumstances we will allow visitors but this must be approved by management. Visitors are

not allowed to stay the night or beyond certain times agreed with management beforehand.

2. Any luggage or personal belongings are the responsibility of guests. In some cases you may be able to drop your

luggage off earlier on the day of arrival, or leave it to collect later on the day of departure, but this depending

on the bookings for that day, but we are not liable in the event of something going missing or being damaged.

3. Please note smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the villa.

4. Strictly no pets are allowed (unless specifically agreed in advance)

5. Any damage caused to the property by any guest will render them liable to the full cost of repair and replacement.

We reserve the right to cancel any stay or booking found to be in violation of our terms and conditions, or behaving in

an anti-social manner, which upsets neighbors or staff. Please note these terms and conditions are to make sure

everyone has a great time while staying at the villa.